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Help Text Messaging FAQs 1) What is Text Messaging? Texting enables you receive, to send and reply to the majority of additional electronic wireless telephone consumers from your own electronic phone to quick text messages. You are able to often obtain an endless message offer or send communications just for 25 each. 2) What’re some great benefits of Text Messaging? Discreet: an email is unintrusive, if it is more straightforward to text and you may put it to use. Convenient: you’re able to communication several wireless providers, in addition to any U.S. Cellular customer. Cost effective: Incoming messages are always free, and you can deliver messages at under 25 per meaning, determined by your Text Messaging approach. Texting doesn’t influence the minutes of one’s style pricing strategy that is existing.

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3) What’s a FLAG and just why do I want one? A FLAG is just a six digit amount that you’ll require when enrolling for the online account management company of U.S. This is delivered to you via text message after doing the initial step while in the registration procedure. We try this to guard your consideration from being accessed without your knowledge. 4) just how do I eliminate Text Messaging from my bill? To get rid of whenever, contact INCH, or Customer Service from your wireless cellphone at 611 -888-944-9400 from your phone that is landline. 5) What’re the benefits of having an email address for my instant phone? Having an e-mail address to your instant phone enables you to obtain text messages from email, send messages to an e-mail address and answer straight to them. Your 10- instant contact number accompanied by ” ” is your U.S.

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Cellular wireless email address, so it’s not difficult to remember. 6) What are the accessible Texting Programs? Check out our Text Messaging Page for detailed information on our accessible plans. For text- support options designed to meet with the needs of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, please visit with our text- plans page. 7) Is Text-Messaging for sale in all U.S. Mobile areas? Text-Messaging is available to all U.S. Cellular electronic customers, as well as in Prepaid Wireless areas that are different. 8) To whom could I send a note?

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Cellular shoppers, as well as customers utilizing wireless providers who help text-messaging. Please note: the individual might not possess a text messaging capable cellphone, although You may not be unable to deliver messages. 9) Where does Text Messaging function? To deliver and get a text message, YOU SHOULD be in just a coverage region a) gets the same electronic engineering as your property insurance area and t) is to the U.S. Mobile circle or h) on a single of our inter-provider partners. 10) What is the most length of a text-message? From wireless phone to wireless telephone: Each text is limited to 150 people, including areas. The rest is likely to be misplaced, resulting in imperfect messages being received if a concept is longer than 150 characters.

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Note: Some devices could have a character restriction that is smaller. From your U.S. Mobile site to your wireless cellphone: Each textmessage is restricted to 150 people. This really is for that concept simply and does not include the’To’ and’From’ areas. Utilizing an email address from your instant telephone: A maximum 120 is -character control when mailing a textmessage to an e-mail address. Characters in the’To’,’From’, and’Subject’ fields rely towards the – figure restriction. Employing a text messaging email address from any computer to instant telephone: Email messages sent for your wireless phone could be a maximum of 400-heroes, but will undoubtedly be divided in to independent messages as high as 120 from any computer -characters each. 11) how do you obtain notification a message has been sent to me?

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Notification’s technique varies depending on your particular telephone design. Both audible and visible notification is offered by most phones. Please consult with your manual for particulars or see our telephone directory to see telephone guides online. 12) What amount format can I use to send a note? YOU SHOULD use the complete 10 -digit number in order for the meaning to be routed. When the 7 or 11-digit amount is used, the concept won’t be sent (e.g. 414 555 1234).

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The phone may not suggest the information hasn’t been delivered. 13) What happens basically am about the cellphone or have my telephone turned off whenever a message happens? Your phone should be fired up for the visible and audible notifications to function and as a way to get messages. When you finish the decision if you should be around the telephone, the information will be delivered. You have to also be in your house service area’s electronic portion. 14) Will my telephone automatically save the communications I send and get? Once sent to your phone, the messages are kept inside the phone.

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However, the ram of your cellphone becomes complete and should you not erase the aged messages, new messages will not be sent and soon you delete old communications. Until you delete them the telephone also stores communications you deliver, utilizing storage. Please check for more information in your user guide. 15) just how many communications does my cellphone store? This varies depending on your particular phone model. Consult with your individual information for details. 16) After I send a Web message, can I receive proof the message hasbeen acquired?

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Unfortunately, we can not provide evidence of concept delivery. 17) May my cellphone acquire e mail communications? Yes, all-text message shoppers can obtain e mail delivered to your 10- instant telephone number accompanied by (i.e. which is your e-mail address. When you wish to send a text message to an e-mail address, merely enter the individualis e-mail address within the’To’ industry. Comments and messages are priced as text messages. All communications are unrestricted and not blame. Find out about our unique e mail alternatives. 18) Where can I get more information on my handset?

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Make reference to the manual that was included with your instant cellphone during the time of purchase. 19) Could I set my phone to get texting but not incoming calls? Some phones permit you to set a ” communication mode ” or ” pager mode,” which suggests whenever there is a text acquired it will not ring but can still warn you. Reference your user guide for details.

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